Article 1

(general provisions)

(1) These rules determine the manner of conducting the prize game on the Instagram profile (hereinafter: the prize game).

(2) The organizer of the prize game is Tomaž Pušenjak sp (hereinafter: the performer).

(3) The rules of the prize game are publicly published on the website,


Article 2

(duration of the prize game)

(1) The prize draw takes place on the Instagram profile of, from 16 August 2019 from 20:00 to 31 August 2019 until 20:00.

( 2) The duration of the prize draw (dates and / or time) defined in these rules is of an informative nature and may be changed on the basis of the decision of the contractor. Any changed duration of the prize draw will be subsequently published on the Facebook page of the E-vehicle and in the appendix to these rules.


Article 3

(conditions of cooperation)

(1) Citizens of the Republic of Slovenia, residents of the Republic of Slovenia and citizens of the Member States of the European Union may apply, without age restrictions. If the winner is under the age of 18, he or she must be represented by a person over the age of 18 who, by law and / or by appropriate authorization, has the right to represent the said minor. However, the prize can only be used by an adult who has passed the B-category exam.

(2) Employees of the contractor and their closest relatives (including extramarital partners) may not participate in the prize draw. Such application is considered invalid.

(3) The condition for participation is that the participants agree with the rules of the prize game. By participating in the prize draw, the participant is considered to agree to all conditions and rules related to the prize draw.

Article 4
(way of participating in the prize game)

(1) To participate in the prize draw, the participant must:

- Follow the profile of,

- Like the announcement of the prize game,

- write a comment.

(2) In the event that during the duration of the prize game the performer finds that there is a suspicion of fraud or unfair participation in the prize game by listeners or other persons participating in the prize game, the performer has the right to terminate the prize game and disqualify such person. .

(3) No purchase is required to participate in the prize draw.


Article 5


(1) The individual prize is an 8-hour rental of a Quadro 4 vehicle.

(2) From all participants who have met all the conditions of the prize game, the performer will draw a winner on 1 September 2019.

(3) The winner will be announced on September 1, 2019.

(4) The winner is obliged to contact the prize game provider within 48 hours regarding the receipt of the prize.

(5) The prize is redeemable by 1 September 2020, whereby the winner is obliged to select and agree in time with the prize game provider regarding the available free time for using the prize.

(6) Prizes are not transferable or exchangeable. Prizes awarded cannot be redeemed for other types of products or services nor can cash be claimed. Any personal income tax, including the advance payment of personal income tax for the received prize and any other benefits defined in the legislation of the Republic of Slovenia, shall be covered by the prize game provider. The winner covers all costs related to the receipt of the prize (any travel costs, etc.). Participants are acquainted with the possibility of winning a prize, which may be subject to taxation under the Personal Income Tax Act. The winners, as persons liable for personal income tax (paragraph 2 of Article 35 of ZDavP-2), are obliged to provide the contractor with accurate personal data (name and surname, address of permanent residence, tax branch, their tax number and EMŠO), no later than 3 days from receipt of notification of the prize received (or within another period to be specified in the notification). Submission of the above data is a condition for accepting any prize whose value exceeds EUR 42.00 (including VAT). The winners also agree and are aware that by receiving the award they can be placed in a higher income tax bracket. In this case, they bear all the financial responsibility and consequences themselves. In the event that the awarded listener does not deliver the aforementioned data for the purpose of calculating and advancing personal income tax within the prescribed period after notification of the received prize to the prize game provider, he loses the right to the prize.


Article 6
(exclusion of liability of technical contractor)

(1) The Contractor is not responsible for any malfunctions or non-functioning of the Facebook page of the E-vehicle, network or telephone lines, nor for cooperation that is incomplete, incomprehensible or has not been received. Such applications will be considered invalid.


Article 7

(protection of personal data)

(1) By participating in the prize game, as specified in Article 4 of these rules, the participant explicitly confirms that he is fully acquainted with these rules of the prize game and explicitly agrees with them.

(2) The company Tomaž Pušenjak sp, which processes data for, will enter the personal data (name, surname, place of residence, e-mail and telephone number) of the winners in its database and use them for the purpose of handing over the prizes. As the controller of personal data, the prize game provider and the media sponsor will process all personal data themselves or through a contractual personal data processor in accordance with the requirements of the applicable personal data protection legislation.

(3) The personal data referred to in paragraph 2 of Article 7 shall be kept until revoked or maximum 5 years. Personal data that are collected exclusively for the purpose of performing or paying out an individual prize game (for example, tax number ...) are deleted after the end of the prize game or the payment of the prize.

(4) With the Registration and with the explicit consent, the participant is informed that the contractor and the contractual processors of personal data process his personal data and pass them to each other for the purpose of conducting the prize game (name, surname, place of residence, e-mail and telephone number). By registering, participants explicitly agree to the publication of the winners on the website.

(5) The personal data of the participants may be accessed by the marketing, editorial and secretariat departments of the prize game provider. They can be accessed by an individual, requested for correction, restriction of processing or deletion at the e-mail address Participants can unsubscribe from the database at The individual has the right to object, to the portability of data and to submit an application to the Information Commissioner.

(6) The Contractor undertakes to protect the personal data collected in the framework of this prize draw in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act and not to pass them on to third parties other than its contractual processors.

(7) By accepting the prize, the participant expressly agrees to allow his / her photographing and recording for promotional activities of the performer and media sponsor, as well as the use of all photographs, recordings and data for promotional activities on websites and in all other media.


Article 8


(1) All possible complaints regarding the prize game and prizes can be sent to the e-mail address:


Article 9

(additional information about the prize game)

(1) The conditions of the prize game shall be interpreted in accordance with Slovenian legislation.

(2) The Contractor has the right to supplement the rules of participation in the prize game he / she creates at any time and without prior notice.


Ljubljana, 16 August 2019